10 Amazingly Beautiful Places to go Walking in Malta


Photo: Golden Bay Malta © iStock/ buburuzaproductions

There’s no getting around it; if you’re planning a trip to Malta, odds are you’ll be tucking into many carbs, such as the country’s famous flaky pastizzi and flatbread-like hobz biz-zejt. Luckily, spring is the ideal time to explore Malta, take in the local scenery and burn off those calories on some long walks. The Maltese terrain is ideal for tackling on foot during the spring months, before the soaring summer temperatures kick in. From the towering heights of the Dingli Cliffs to the canyons and valleys of Siġġiewi and the breathtaking views of Marfa Ridge, lace up your hiking shoes and explore these beautiful places to go walking in Malta.

1. Valletta
It might be a city rather than a rural idyll but Valletta is the perfect starting point for those embarking on a walking tour of Malta. Stroll around its impressive forts, Baroque buildings and lively piazzas and you’ll soon appreciate why Valletta’s striking beauty is best experienced on foot. For the truest adventure, leave the map at home and simply wander the streets.

 2. Marfa Ridge
Circling the northernmost promontory of Malta, you’ll need decent footwear to tackle Marfa Ridge but the views over Mellieħa Bay are more than worth it.  Hikers will pass the distinctive Torri L-Ahmar, Red Tower, at the top of the ridge before travelling on past the White Tower and ending up at the aptly named Paradise Bay.

 3. Dingli Cliffs
Brace the steep climb up the golden Dingli Cliffs along the island’s western coast and you’ll be treated to some of the best views around. Expect to pass by for prehistoric ruins and the Buskett Gardens, before returning to the petite village of Dingli for a well earnt rest and refuel.

 4. Siġġiewi
Located in the southwest of the island, Siġġiewi is less than a 30-minute drive from Valletta. Those looking for a serious workout should check out the area’s renowned canyons and valleys, which are dotted with pretty farmhouses. Regardless of your fitness level, don’t miss the natural swimming hole at Għar Lapsi.

 5. Fawwara Trail
One for the adventure lovers, the Fawwara Trail follows a route from Dingli along the coast, past quaint stone chapels, a Bronze Age village, prehistoric temples and finishes at the aptly named Blue Grotto.

 6. Comino Trek
Ideal for those who prefer a gentle pace, Comino is the third-largest island in the Maltese archipelago and it’s just a short ferry ride from either Gozo or Malta. Gloriously free of cars, stroll across this enchantingly compact island and brave a dip in the aquamarine Blue Lagoon.

7. Golden Bay Walk
With its gleaming sands, it’s easy to see where this beach got its name from and why it’s one of Malta’s most popular bits of coastline. This walk takes visitors through Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park, the happy home of many chameleons and hedgehogs as well as some interesting archaeological sites, before finishing up on those “golden” sands.

8. Victoria Walk
Gozo is well known for its unspoilt terrain and is a much-loved destination for hikers and climbers. Experience the natural landscape and stunning coastline on this pleasingly circular walk that starts and finishes in the island’s capital Victoria. Walkers will visit Wied il-Ghasri and Xwejni bay en route, as well as Gozo’s famous salt pans.

 9. Rabat and Bahrija Walk
A 10k loop through some of Malta’s most historic placea, the Rabat and Bahrija walk packs plenty of sightseeing into its route. From the old-school Church of St Martin to the prehistoric settlements on the Qlejgha plateau and the aromatic “Valley of Fennel,” the trail offers a fabulous way to learn about the region’s history on foot.

10. Ta’ Cenc Cliffs
Known as the highest cliffs in Gozo, Ta’ Cenc cliffs provide majestic coastal views and, conveniently, there’s a footpath running along the cliff top. Set aside two hours to cover the whole headland and expect photo opportunities by the bucket load.

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