5 Beaches in Malta you Won’t Find in a Guide Book

A secluded bay with clear blue water, surrounded by green hills and rocky cliffs under a partly cloudy sky. Cacti are visible in the foreground.

If you’ve ever been to Malta you could probably agree that St George’s bay, located a stone’s throw away from the Marina Hotel, is probably one of the most popular sandy beaches in Malta amongst members of the younger generation.

If you’re after something slightly more low-key, there’s always The Lido St. George’s Bay that is located within the resort, and offers the tranquillity of a luxury pool lido, set against the striking backdrop of the glittering Med.

However, if you’re looking for something even more ‘off the radar’, here’s an insider’s guide to the top 5 secluded Malta beaches pleasantly hidden around our shores, how to get there, and what to look out for.

  1. St Peter’s Pool, Delimara, Malta

Situated along the chalky coastal shores in the south, St. Peter’s Pool offers the stunning beauty of a natural swimming pool, accompanied by aquamarine waters and incredible snorkelling opportunities. The flat rocks surrounding the pool provide an excellent sunbathing area, whereas the higher rocks offer natural shelter from the sun.

Getting there: Head in the direction towards Marsaxlokk and look out for the signs that will lead you to Delimara point. The road is bumpy and could get tricky, but this beach is definitely worth it.

  1. Ghajn Tuffieha, Malta

Often called Riviera by locals, this little slice of heaven is a beautiful sandy beach nestled in between high cliffs and rolling clay slopes in the northwest of Malta. The rural coastline and basic facilities make this special spot a popular getaway for locals and tourists alike.

Getting there: Follow the road that leads to Golden Bay and stop at the first car park on the left. The beach is only accessible via a steep flight of 200 stairs which makes it less popular with families and younger children.

  1. Ghasri Valley, Gozo

And if we’re talking about steps, there’s also Ghasri Valley in Gozo. This beautiful, picture-perfect pebbly beach is found at the end of a 300m narrow, winding creek. The bay is extremely small so we recommend an early start, but its rich marine life and impressive cliff sides definitely mark it as one of the most picturesque beaches in Malta and Gozo.

Getting there: Follow the signs from Victoria to the Ghasri village square and head down the narrow road that leads to the beach. Once you get there expect a 100-step descent down the valley and right into paradise.

  1. Mgarr ix-Xini, Gozo

This small, but absolutely gorgeous beach is probably one of the most secluded beaches in Malta and Gozo. Set within a creek along a steep sided natural valley, this tiny beach offers a tranquil setting and an absolutely impressive surrounding. The clear water makes it a perfect spot for snorkelling and diving, whereas its rugged cliff edges are particularly suited to rock climbing aficionados.

Getting there: Drive to Xewkija or Sannat and follow the signs from there.

  1. Mistra Bay

Secluded within one of Malta’s greenest valleys Mistra Bay tends to be more popular with locals rather than tourists. This is due to the fact that the beach tends to be generally overtaken by the Maltese and their impromptu tents which at times include sheets suspended from their cars, which have been parked directly on the beach. If you’re looking for local photography opportunities, this is definitely one of the beaches in Malta you should visit.

Getting there: Take a left detour off the main road leading from Xemxija to Mellieha and follow the narrow, winding road that leads directly to the beach.

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