First Dinner Date: Dos and Don’ts

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Super, you’ve managed to score a date – here’s how not to muck it up!

Intimate dinners are the cornerstone of most modern romance, but what unsuspecting daters often don’t realise is that these dates can tend to become a minefield when it comes to success or failure in the game of love.

Acing a dinner date can tend to be tricky, especially the first couple of times, expectations are high and the last thing you’d like to happen is to give a broad smile with spinach stuck in between your teeth. Here are our favourite dos and don’ts.

1. Keep it intimate

A recent online survey has revealed that only 11 percent of first-time daters pick chain restaurants as an eatery of choice. Whereas the idea of sharing a portion of fries appears romantic in theory, in practice choosing a more secluded spot that doesn’t serve drinks in disposable glasses is generally recommended.

Marina Tip: Dining under the stars always has its appeal – throw in a stunning view and you’re onto something good. Check out our menu at Da Marina right here. 

2. Take it easy

Don’t eat your food with the enthusiasm of an industrial vacuum cleaner – the way you dine is a metaphor for the way you’d make love – so don’t do it in a way that brings to mind a lower primate.

Marina Tip: Eat slowly and make frequent eye contact – this might be your lucky night, don’t sabotage your chances! 

3. Stick to your plate

It is imperative for you never to help yourself to someone else’s plate – no matter how seriously envious of their choice you are – if you really have to then make sure to ask first. Nobody enjoys a swiper – don’t be that person.

Marina Tip: Taking a look at menu options before actually getting to the restaurant helps. Here’s our new menu at Vinotheque, just in case!

4. Manage conversation

Keep unpalatable topics away from the table. A nasty root treatment or ingrown nail might be absolutely unbearable, but is considered far more tragic when brought up over dinner.

Marina Tip: If it sounds gross, painful, or too much to stomach, you’re better off holding onto that story for another occasion.

5. Behaviour breeds behaviour

You don’t want your date to think you were brought up in an underground cellar – so there’s no need to act that way. Licking cutlery, eating with your mouth open or being loud about chewing are some of the most commonly reported crimes – be on your A game.

Marina Tip: Dining can be a very intimate experience – do it with finesse.

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