5 Ways to Make Most of a Free GoPro in Malta

Aerial view of a coastal area with blue sea water, buildings along the shoreline, and a boat leaving a white trail in the water.

Ever since we’ve been encouraging our guests on holiday in Malta to borrow free GoPros from the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort, some of the most common feedback we’ve received is that most people set out on filming the ultimate discovery video.

Realistically, who wouldn’t want to capture that sweet moment to be able to share the excitement with family and friends at a later time? Even though we might not all be able to pull off 360 backflips, or come across a mermaid whilst diving, anyone can create an epic video of their local discoveries using a GoPro – and here’s how:

  1. Mounting

Whether you’re planning on attaching your GoPro to your car’s windscreen, your forehead, a selfie stick or your dog, it pays to know your mount. Before heading out to one of the most memorable adventures of your life, test the angles and know what to expect. Dangling a GoPro from your wrist will create a bumpier video rather than strapping it to your forehead during a dive for instance. Should you decide to get PADI certified at Starfish, our on-site dive school, this footage would make for an awesome souvenir.

  1. Planning

There’s nothing wrong with strapping on a GoPro and going wild at the Sun & Fun Water Sports Centre and filming your adventure on a jet ski or parasailing in St George’s Bay. However, if your goal is to capture the essence of your holiday in Malta then some planning may be required. Think about how you’d be able to connect your scenes; such as filming clouds in the sky, or perhaps passing on your Marina Hotel key card from one scene to the next for easier editing later on.

  1. Perspective

Too much of anything is boring – same with shooting from the same angle. Think about mounting your camera in different positions, or combine your GoPro footage to a second GoPro camera to film from different angles contemporarily. The trick lies in thinking ‘whatever it takes, let’s try something new’.

  1. Snap

A GoPro isn’t just for videos – it’s also a really cool kind of camera that is able to take a photo every second, for ten or more seconds. Edit these directly into your video for an alternative timelapse effect. Another idea could be to set the timer to take 30 photos every 6 seconds while you set out paragliding; you’ll end up deleting hundreds of them, but we can almost guarantee you’ll end up with at least 10 amazing shots – not to mention the ultimate selfie!

  1. Share

The Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort is absolutely thrilled to be part of your holiday in Malta. Discover all our islands have to offer and create a unique souvenir capturing your best moments – share them by uploading your photos to Instagram using the #discovermarina tag or directly on our website.

All that’s left to do is to get family and friends voting: they’ll get 20% off their next booking, and you might be in with the chance to win a five-night stay in Malta!

May the ultimate discoverer win!

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