From a Local: My Favourite Beer Spots in Malta

A historic city with church towers sits atop a hill, overlooking surrounding green fields and a winding road under a blue sky.

Am I the only one who foolishly thought that Oktoberfest is actually celebrated during the month of October? Incidentally, the Bavarian beer festival ran between the 19th September and 4th October this year meaning that by the time you get to read this, it’s already over.

Nevertheless, we’ve got loads of beer right here, so if you happen to be travelling to Malta for leisure, business, or happen to be taking part in one of the huge international poker tournaments going on this month, here are my favourite spots to enjoy a cold beer in Malta.

Visit Marsaxlokk

Venture down south to the quaint fishing village of Marsaxlokk (Mar-Sa-Shlock) and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the promenade, browse along the hawker market and seat yourself at one of the various restaurants and cafes to enjoy a cold pint and admire the colourful traditional fishing boats bobbing in the sea right across.

An Afternoon in Mdina

The medieval bastioned city of Mdina represented Malta’s capital city before Valletta. Its history traces back to over 4,000 years, and is extremely rich in culture and exquisite architecture. Whether you happen to be travelling solo, or joining in on a photo tour, walk towards the bastion walls and take in the beautiful sprawling 270° view of the island. There’s a coffee shop right there that serves a variety of beers both bottled and on tap.

Sunset at Golden Bay

Aptly called after its golden coloured sand, Golden Bay is located in the northern part of the island and is easily accessible from the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort by car, taxi or bus. Enjoy a crisp beer or an ice-cold shandy (premixed beer and lemonade) and watch the sun turn fire red and disappear behind the shimmering horizon.

Beer and Mussels for Dinner

Nothing better than ending off with a casual dinner with family and friends! Da Marina has recently launched a new mussels and beer-pairing menu offering patrons a delectable choice of both. My favourite are definitely the steamed mussels with Thai spices, paired with the Belgian brewed La Chouffe 8% beer.

Mussels Menu Blog

One for the Road

If you’re in the mood for one last drink before heading back to your room, Malta’s entertainment capital, Paceville, is only an 8-minute walk from the Marina Hotel. Venture in one of the many bars or clubs, or head towards the business tower and enjoy a frosty lager at the stylish bar located on the 22nd floor. Of course, don’t forget to pop by Henry J. Bean’s, the American styled diner found adjacent to the Marina hotel for one last beer before calling it a day.

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