From Local to Traveller: Malta in Spring

A couple stands on a cliffside, embracing and looking out over a calm blue sea and green hilly landscape under a clear sky.

Five reasons why it rocks!

With the coldest days already behind us, March heralds the beginning of spring, with warmer temperatures, longer hours of sunlight and increased greenery throughout the islands. With so many things to do in Malta during the season, I’ve thought about it for a while and thought I’d share why I believe Malta is awesome during Spring; and here’s why.

  1. The weather is so much better

Generally, most of what we consider ‘bad weather’ is gone by the end of Feburary, and March heralds the beginning of the new season. Everywhere is probably as green as its ever going to get, especially around the northern areas of the island, whereas the sea is much calmer making it the ideal for romantic picnics on the beach, or paced walks along the promenade.

  1. Being active is fun

Winter always gives me a stuffy feeling when it comes to clothes, but during find yourself magically transitioning from boots to flip flops in about a week, and the change feels liberating. If you’re staying at the Marina hotel, might we suggest enjoying a picnic on the beach, or going horse-riding and admiring the sunset from Golden Bay.

  1. Events, events, events

Following their brief hibernation, the locals are known to come out to play once the spring kicks in. With so many things to look forward to, it’s pretty easy to see why. From the numerous art and music festivals that trickle into the summer, including the legendary Isle of MTV party that is held in Malta every year and is considered Europe’s largest free party. Easter celebrations are rich in culture and dripping in tradition, whereas if you’re after spending more time with the kids, then the Marina Hotel organises MayFest every year that’s guaranteed fun for all the family.

Here’s what MayFest looked like last year.

  1. The sky is absolutely stunning

If you’re ever awake early enough to catch the sunrise, or around late afternoon in time for sunset, you can’t help but looking up and admiring the gorgeous vanilla sky that tends to sprawl across the islands. Glistening with deep shades of red and faint pinks and purples, this is a view you definitely don’t want to miss. And if you happen to be staying at the Marina Hotel, make it a point to look out of your terrace at sunrise and have your GoPro ready – if you haven’t got one, you can borrow one of ours at no extra charge!

  1. Discover the Islands

Whether you’re looking to relax and get away from the madding crowd, or immersing yourself in the humdrum of cosmopolitan life, Malta offers it all. Take your time to explore, savour and discover all that this little archipelago has to offer. And if you’re into photography at all, take a look at this nifty idea right here.

And just in case all of that wasn’t convincing enough, we’ve got a sale going on right now that might just turn your frown upside down! Have a great day!

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