Get outdoors – It’s hardly winter in Malta!

Person in blue jacket and red helmet rock climbing, secured by ropes with a rocky cliff and ocean in the background.

With an average temperature of 20°C and the sun shining practically every day of the year, being outdoors in Malta feels good, even though these are considered the fresher months of the year. If you’re in the mood for spending time outdoors next time you visit our little archipelago, we’ve put together a selection of activities to add to your ‘Malta list’.


Conquer your fear of heights and take on this unforgettable experience. Malta Outdoors recommends visiting the picturesque Ghar Lapsi that is considered a great location for beginners. This adventure includes a 45m abseil down a sea cliff.

Apart from being absolutely stunning from the sea, the Blue Grotto rock formations include various abseiling opportunities that are waiting to be conquered. Abseil (mostly in mid-air!) down a 55m drop along the famous Blue Grotto structure all the way down to the sea below before swimming back safely to shore.

Marina Tip #18: We strongly recommend making use of professional equipment at all times and ensuring that safety professionals supervise every adventure.


Offering both a central location and fantastic weather, Malta has become an increasingly popular destination for golf breaks. Originally located in Valletta, the Royal Malta Golf Club dates back to 1888.

Today, the Club offers an evergreen 18-hole course at par 68 which indicates a good challenge that isn’t necessarily unkind to the novice. Other club facilities include tennis and squash courts, a bowling alley, a mini golf piste as well as a swimming pool.

Marina Tip #76: A qualified professional instructor is always available on call at the Club for anyone wishing to learn or improve their talent.


The Maltese islands are at their greenest from mid-November till around mid-May, and what better way to admire nature than by walking through it? First thing that you might like to consider is whether you prefer rambling along dramatic cliffs, plunging waves and lush valleys, or whether open planes and agricultural surroundings are more what you might be after. Feel free to speak to our concierge about various routes worth visiting around Malta and Gozo!

Marina Tip #54: The Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort organises a weekly trek around the area. More info here.

Scuba Diving

Zip up and take the plunge directly into the big blue with one of the regular dives organised throughout the winter months. Whether you’re an expert diver with many hours logged to your name, or a novice in the mood for something different, the Marina Hotel’s in-house diving school is able to organise an unforgettable dive along the Island’s rocky coastline. Check out our diving package right here!

Marina Tip #90: Loan a free GoPro camera from reception and take it along on your dive – you’re guaranteed a unique souvenir to share with friends and family back home!

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