GoPro does it better

Two people in snorkel masks swim underwater, holding a camera, with clear blue water and bubbles around them.

Point – shoot – be a hero!

If you happen to be visiting Malta and staying at the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort you’re in for a treat. Being the only official GoPro partner in Malta, means that you’re able to borrow and test one of these nifty cameras absolutely for free during the duration of your holiday in Malta.

While some people tend to undervalue amateur photography, I believe most would agree that this little high-definition camera has definitely added a fresh dose of excitement to the otherwise mundane shots, and whereas some are still thrilled to strap a GoPro to their head and ride a mountain bike, others have discovered some more creative ways of using their camera.

Here are 5 ideas for making the most out of your GoPro in Malta.

  1. Take it for a dive

Blue waters, crystalline sand dunes and shoals of colourful fish are what to expect during a Malta dive even during the colder months. Simply attach the camera to your wetsuit and forget all about it – you might be surprised at the number of things you might have missed during your underwater adventure!

*Check out what this group of divers encounter at 0.40 min of this video*

  1. Create an awesome travel video

What better souvenir to take home than to share your first-hand experience with family and friends upon your return? Think of a basic concept, play around with the settings, try different angles and have fun with it. We’ve also got a handy article about learning how take better GoPro footage right here.

  1. Use it instead of a dash cam

If you happen to be driving, how about recording footage of whatever you might encounter during your time in Malta? Document your discoveries by propping up your GoPro on the dashboard and securing it with a makeshift mount that could include a handbag or perhaps your guidebook. Keep in mind that it is illegal to hold the camera whilst driving, so always assign this important task to your trusty co-pilot!

  1. Be a hero

Whether you’re in the mood for some water sports, a spot of sun lounging, or taking on the open skies in a micro glider, I guess we can all agree that a GoPro camera is the perfect sidekick for such activities. Strap it on securely and off you go – we hope you’ll enjoy using it as much as we did!

  1. Head out into the storm

Urban and landscape photographers can probably agree that rain is naturally photogenic, and clouds act as an exceptional filter with regards to lighting. Rainwater brings out the colours of nature, whereas heavy clouds create dramatic scenes in urban landscapes. Take your GoPro out for a spin next time the sky looks threatening, and don’t forget your raincoat!

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