Let’s go fishing in Malta

A person steers a small, colorful boat with a wooden pole in a harbor with other boats and yachts docked under a clear blue sky, embodying the charm of fishing in Malta.

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Reels, rods, hooks, and tackle – if you were thinking about fishing in Malta, here’s all you need to know

Set in the heart of the Mediterranean, with a hefty dose of seafood on most menus, it should come as no surprise that Malta is considered as one of Europe’s foremost fishing destinations. If you’ve happened to fly to Malta armed with a fishing rod, you’ll be very pleased to find out that its extensive coastline offers several intriguing opportunities, however if your heart is set on heading out and exploring the big blue, there are several fishing charters available. In a nutshell; if fishing in Malta was on your agenda, here’s all you need to know.

Fishing in Malta: Fact file

If you’ve forgot to pack any of your fishing gear, there are several shops around the island that are able to sort you out with anything from rods, to reels, to live bait. Aquatica in St Paul’s Bay, for instance, stocks most sport-fishing essentials and also offers a number of expert-led fishing trips several times a week, both on land as well as at sea.

What’s the catch?

Malta’s crystalline waters are teeming with fish, from bream to sardines, back to amberjack, dorado, mullet, and the coveted swordfish, locally referred to as pixxispad. All that’s left for you to do is decide where and when you’d like to try your luck. If you’re up for the thrill of tuna fishing, keep in mind that you’ll need to apply for a permit beforehand that will allow you to fish on a catch and release basis.

Fishing by the shore

Shore fishing is undoubtedly one of the most popular pastimes amongst locals, with ports being regularly frequented by keen fishermen. Sheltered bays and seaside stretches are also considered prime locations, with the rocky coastline that stretches between St Paul’s Bay all the way to St Julian’s considered one of the best areas for shore fishing. The stunning cliff area around Miġra l-Ferħa is also considered a great spot for those interested in fishing using a hand-held line.

Fishing charters in Malta

If sport fishing is on your mind, set out to sea and experience the rush of open waters and glimmering schools of sailfish, snappers, swordfish, grouper and the colourful dorado, which is also sometimes referred to as mahi mahi.

The northern waters closest to L-Aħrax tal-Mellieħa are considered prime angling areas by locals, however if you’re after a guided fishing charter, Malta Fishing Trips offers various night and day fishing packages to suit novices and pro fishermen alike. Aquatica, on the other hand, offers a number of family-friendly charters that include a day trip on the traditional Maltese fishing boat known as the luzzu.

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