Malta from Above: A Bird’s-Eye View of the Mediterranean Archipelago

A small twin-engine airplane flies over a coastal landscape with blue waters, islands, and distant land in the background.

Photo: © Malta Wings

Get an aerial view of the island and experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure while admiring Malta from above.

Malta is already beautiful from the ground, but there’s nothing quite like a bird’s-eye view of the islands. From microlight gliders to parasailing over St George’s Bay, there are several ways to admire Malta from above.

Enjoy a guided sightseeing flight

The best way to get a bird’s eye view is to do precisely what birds do – take flight. Thrilling visitors of all ages, flying tours are indeed the ultimate way to enjoy Malta from above. Malta Wings offers a variety of sightseeing tours from a 20-minute flight above Malta’s most prominent sites, to a full 60-minute tour of the archipelago. Each plane is flown by an experienced pilot who doubles as a tour guide, highlighting major points of interest.

Fly a microlight aircraft

Sure, a guided tour sounds like a great idea, but how about taking things a step further and taking control of your own aircraft? Admire Malta from above along with a friend aboard the Apollo Delta Jet 2 C15D, or the Ikarus C42B – two of Malta’s most popular microlight aircraft – and enjoy a 75 minute trial flight across Malta, Gozo and Comino. Learn the basics of flying from a qualified pilot and then take control of the aircraft as it soars across the sky. Keep an eye out for must-see attractions, such as the beautiful fortified cities of Valletta, Cospicua, Vittoriosa and Senglea, or the mesmerising crystalline Blue Lagoon located in Comino.

Parasailing over the sea

Enjoy impressive views of Malta from above while feeling the wind in your hair by joining an exhilarating parasailing trip during your holiday. The Sun & Fun Water Sports and Yacht Centre located at the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort offers parasailing for pairs or trios of daring adventurers set on making some lifelong memories. This experience is infinitely easier than it looks and includes guests being firmly strapped to an open parachute that is towed by a powerboat. The speed causes the parachute to rise in the air, allowing guests to glide across the sea for several minutes before slowly dropping back down to the boat.

Climb fortifications

And if you’d rather keep your feet firmly on the ground, then you’re in luck. Some of the most stunning views of Malta from above may be, in fact, appreciated by climbing to the top of some of the island’s most historic sites. Venture up to the peak of Fort St. Angelo to enjoy views of Valletta and the majestic Grand Harbour, or make your way atop Fort St. Elmo to enjoy incredible views of the Mediterranean below. Visitors are also able to take a walking tour along Valletta’s fortifications, which start at City Gate and wind around the edge of the city on top of the bastions.

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