Malta Travel: 10 Genius Travel Hacks that will Save Money, Space and Time

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Travelling is one of life’s best pleasures, but we all know how stressful the week leading up to your Malta travel plans could become. For this reason, the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort’s blogging team has put together a list of genius travel hacks you might have not thought about, to ensure a pleasant arrival to our sunny islands!

    1. Add a dryer sheet or a small bar of soap to your luggage to keep your clothes smelling freshly laundered.
    2. Contrary to popular belief, booking flights on a weekend is not a good idea. In fact, fares tend to generally go up on Friday and drop by Monday or Tuesday – keep your eyes peeled!
    3. A good travel app is always useful. There are several to choose from and generally focus on keeping flight details and travel documents, bagging a last-minute flight bargain, or offer general and useful information. Click here to read what our team recommends.
    4. If you’re planning on packing any necklaces, run them through a plastic straw to avoid them from tangling. Pill boxes also prove handy when organising earrings, rings and other small trinkets.
    5. It’s surprising how few people are fully aware of this, but as a permanent rule, the middle seat on an airplane gets the armrest – always. They’re yours, claim them!
    6. Make best use of the Marina Hotels’ ‘Test a GoPro initiative’ and ask about it upon arrival. Shoot your best Malta travel discoveries and enter our competition – you could win a five-night stay and here’s how!
    7. Slap on some night moisturiser before boarding a long flight. It’s super hydrating and will have plenty of time to sink in and do its job onboard.
    8. Scan a copy of your passport, driver’s licence and ID Card and email to yourself prior to leaving on holiday. Chances are you’ll always have a copy right at hand throughout your Malta travels, just in case!
    1. Store cables and power chords in an old sunglasses case. It will spare you the hassle of pulling out half the contents of your hand luggage every time you feel the need to juice up.
    1. Thinking ahead always pays off. Take a look at the exciting packages offered by the Marina Hotel and take some time to find out 10 great reasons to book direct!



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