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Although the eat-sleep-beach formula works like a charm for a couple of days with kids, it’s only a matter of time before you’re going to have to shake things up a little to keep the peace. Thankfully, you’ve chosen a great island to visit on holiday. From its impressive scenery, to its active diary of events that include family-friendly activities, Malta offers plenty for you and the kids to enjoy. So grab your bucket and spade – here are our top things to do in Malta with kids.


The island of Comino is probably where the phrase ‘good things come in small packages’ must have been coined. Nestled between the larger islands of Malta and Gozo, Comino may be considered the most picturesque of the lot, probably because it’s majorly inhabited. Enjoying scarce construction, practically no residents, and two cars, this little island is definitely one for nature lovers. Comino’s lagoons are also well known for their crystalline turquoise waters, which at some parts are shallow enough for children to wade across, whilst offering endless snorkelling opportunities for the more daring.

Domvs Romana

Ruled by the Romans for over ten centuries, the remains of the ancient empire are still evident in Malta today. Discovered in the northern town of Rabat in 1881, the Domvs Romana houses the remains of a typical Roman household including a series of beautifully mosaic floors, which are said to be the best preserved within the Roman Empire. This could be part of an exciting day in Malta with the kids where you’re able to sneak out of the sun while they learn all about what it might have been like to be a Roman aristocrat.

Malta National Aquarium

Nurturing marine life from the Indian Ocean, as well as the surrounding Mediterranean Sea, the Malta National Aquarium allows you to get up close and personal with over a hundred fascinating species ranging from jellyfish, to sharks; seahorses to exotic seawater fish. Emphasising the importance of safeguarding marine sustainability, the aquarium regularly collaborates with several NGOs in order to spread awareness in this regard. Even the building is shaped like a starfish; there has never been a better time to find Nemo!

Malta Classic Car Museum

And once you’re in the area, why not head up to the Malta Classic Car Museum, which commemorates a time where car manufacturing was considered an art. Experience the passion and skill that went into designing iconic cars such as the Honda Shadow or the legendary 1956 Ford T-Bird. Apart from an interesting collection of highly polished cars, you’ll also be able to browse through a selection of jukeboxes, gramophones, and other mid-20th century memorabilia. With such a large selection of cars available you might even be tempted to burn your plane tickets and plan a road trip home, but if that doesn’t sound like the most convenient way out of Malta with kids, we suggest picking up a replica model from the gift shop instead.

Ta’Qali National Park

Thanks to its sprawling territory, abundant plants and trees, and safe surroundings, this national park is an increasingly popular spot for picnics and leisurely strolls during the weekend. This ex-RAF airfield was heavily bombed during World War Two, however the remaining military structures and nissen hunts now house a local crafts village where artisans sell blown glass, filigree, and other handmade souvenirs. Several merchants work on-site and welcome visits, with demonstrations of metal forgery, glass blowing, woodwork, and lacemaking carried out throughout the day.

Mdina Dungeons

Throughout history, visitors might have not always been so welcome in Malta as they are today. Due to its strategic location, Malta has endured centuries of invasion, occupation, and revolt. Located within the impressive medieval city of Mdina, the Mdina Dungeons will allow you to explore the underground chambers, cells, and passageways where enemies were stowed away. We wouldn’t recommend visiting this site with very small children, however it definitely classifies as one of the more spooky or exciting things to do during your stay in Malta with kids.

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