Maltese Food – Tried and Tested Authentic Recommendations

A white plate of spaghetti with mussels, garnished with herbs, is served on a table alongside drinks including beer and white wine.

When on holiday, what could possibly beat a local’s recommendation when it comes to dining out in a foreign country? We’ve put our heads together to bring you a list of our very own personal recommendations to accompany you throughout your travels. Whether it’s traditional Maltese food, or fine Mediterranean cuisine, we’ve got it all covered – here are our favourites:

Suckling pig at Rogantino’s, Landrijiet

This rustic family-run eatery is nestled in within a valley in the remote village of Landrijiet, in the limits of Rabat. Enjoy this delectable dish that is served alongside crispy crackling, roast potatoes, buttered French beans – all drizzled with a secret Jus that will have you licking your plate.

Pastizzi at Crystal Palace, Rabat

Pastizzi are traditional diamond-shaped pastries stuffed with either a ricotta (whey cheese) or pea stuffing, and are considered the most iconic Maltese food by many. If you happen to visit Mdina walk towards the Roman Baths and look to your left past the parking area. You’ll spot one of Malta’s quaintest tea shops right there – genuine, authentic, and mostly, a great photo opportunity!

©Viewing Malta | Pastizzi
©Viewing Malta | Pastizzi

Homemade pasta with sea urchins at La Maltija Restaurant, Paceville

Simple in ingredients and preparation, this plate of pasta is quite literally what the sea should taste like. If seafood is not your thing, I’d recommend going for the traditional bragioli (beef olives) or pork casserole which is just like what I’d imagine a Maltese grandmother would serve for Sunday lunch.

Rabbit Night at United Bar, Mgarr

Rabbit and horse stew are considered one of the most traditional forms of Maltese food. If you’re looking to enjoy a meal like a local, somewhere quaint and off the radar, this tiny eatery situated right behind the Mgarr parish church is quirky, family-run and distinctly traditional.

The Juicy Lucy at New York Best

The ‘burger culture’ has been taken on by the younger generation changing the way we look at Maltese food. If you had to ask any teenager where to get the best burger from, this is where they’d probably recommend. The Juicy Lucy includes a succulent freshly made burger with a molten cheese centre bursting with flavour. Cooked with love and served alongside a portion of rough cut fries, Lucy is definitely one worth meeting.

Mussels Special at Vinotheque

It’s absolutely impossible to travel to a Mediterranean island and not savour the delicacies of the sea. Da Marina has just launched an exquisite mussels menu that is paired with various international wines and beers. Eating seafood by the sea is definitely a staple activity across the Maltese islands, and this menu is definitely one to try out.

Mussels Menu Vinotheque
© Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort | Mussels Menu at Vinotheque

The Classic Menu at tal-Petut, Birgu

Should you happen to venture to Birgu, perhaps using an electric car, tal-Petut is definitely a restaurant to look out for. Located in one of the quieter side streets, this traditional restaurant specialises in seasonal, traditional local cuisine with a twist.

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