New Year, New You

A person in red swimwear swims underwater in clear turquoise water, with light patterns reflecting on their body.

Pick one; stick with it, and may the Force be with you!

Happy 2016! By the time you get to read this, I am almost certain that you have already taken the time to draw up a host of activities and endeavours to set you right on track this forthcoming year.

I’ve always thought of New Years resolutions to be a little bit like babies – fun to make and incredibly challenging to maintain. Here is what I believe to be amongst the most popular:


After a season of too many cookies, candies and vino, it’s only natural to vow to lose weight and get fit. Every January fitness clubs offer endless deals and promotions to those keen on shedding those excessive holiday kilos, and adamant to succeed on their resolution. To those who attend the gym during the other 11 months of the year, January must indeed seem like the worst time – but luckily (for the gym rats!), research shows how around 60% of gym memberships generally go unused after mid-February.


During the holidays it almost feels like calories never existed. We go ahead and indulge in spirits, mince pies, dip and cheese balls – 2016 should be different. Eating smarter and healthier should be a lifestyle change. This also includes menu options whenever dining out. When visiting the Vinotheque for instance, opt for the protein-packed Salade de buffola as a starter dish, whereas I’d probably suggest the grilled swordfish medallions as a main with a side of grilled vegetables.


Let’s be frank here – smoking is kinda gross. It yellows your teeth, irritates others, and leaves its smell on your clothes and hair – there has literally never been a better moment to kick the habit and start afresh.

Studies show however that only around 15% of people who try to quit smoking manage to do so past the six-month mark later, despite the host of support products available on the market – believing is achieving. You can only reach your goal if you really believe in what you are doing.


They say that the New Year is said to start off full of good intentions, and what better way than improving the relationship with those we love? If you happen to be visiting Malta with someone special, we recommend enjoying a picnic on the beach – find out all about that here.

And just in case you thought Valentine’s Day was still far away; think again, it’s not! We’re adding the final touch of romance to our plans here at the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort – care to join?

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A little bit of pressure every now and then makes you feel alive – too much of it can cause some pretty serious damage, so why take the risk? Long work hours, little sleep, a poor diet, and not spending enough time with friends and family can all contribute to stress. Despite it being inevitable, it is important to plan time off to power down every now and then – and if that sounds just about right, we’ve got a crazy 50% discount going on right now to get you started on planning your next holiday!

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