Malta Photography: Taking Better Photos

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Holiday photos are a great way of preserving memories and sharing experiences with family and friends. Even though you might not be a pro, the Maltese Islands offer ample opportunities to snap that perfect shot.

The Marina Hotel has put together the following list of tips and tricks to make sure that your Malta pictures are worth sharing!

  1. Choose your focus

What makes this particular scene so alluring? Is it the placement of several elements? The positioning of a specific object? Make up your mind as to what’s most interesting and frame the shot by eliminating distractions and noise. For instance, if you happen to be taking a picture of a child running along the crystalline waters of Paradise Bay, move around to ensure that you don’t also have a large number of people competing for attention in the background.

#MarinaTip: Slight adjustments to camera positioning can make your image infinitely stronger.

  1. Take Better Family and Group Photos

Group and family photos are amongst one of the most popular choices whilst sightseeing in Malta. The first rule to keep in mind here is – you must take a whole deal of photos!

People tend to feel inconvenienced by group photos and want to have their picture taken as quickly as possible. It’s a rule of numbers, take as many photos as possible and pick the best one later on.

#MarinaTip: Picturesque backgrounds for large group photos include the Mdina Bastions or Tigné seafront with Valletta’s iconic skyline in the background.

  1. Be Prepared

How many times have you been out somewhere and spotted the perfect photo opportunity but your phone was turned off, or still in your bag? Some shot opportunities last merely a couple of seconds, and if you’re not prepared, chances are that you’ll miss it. If you’re looking for some alternative sightseeing in Malta, why not visit a local village festa during the summer?

#MarinaTip: Keep your camera on and double check your camera settings, you never know when the fireworks display is about to start!

  1. Lighting is Everything

Taking a picture is actually the art of capturing light, so paying attention to your light sources, and understanding the way they interact with your camera is going to be essential for your Malta pictures to be successful. If you happen to be shooting at one of the stunning beaches in Malta, or down by the pool at the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort, remember not to shoot with the sun slightly in front of you, but off to one side. Also keep in mind that bright sunlight can enhance wrinkles, whereas soft light on a cloudier day can help reduce their visibility.

#MarinaTip: Use your flash when taking outdoor photos of people on a sunny day, it will eliminate shadows and lighten the face.

  1. Take a Tour

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ll keep this short and sweet. Photography tours are a great way to carry out sightseeing in Malta! Meet both local and foreign photographers in a relaxed and educational environment that brings together amateurs and professionals that share a passion for photography by joining a guided tour.

#MarinaTip: Join us on our Photography Package and discover Malta while staying at the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort!

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