5 Reasons to Visit Malta this Year

Panoramic view of a coastal city at dusk, featuring a historic watchtower in the foreground and illuminated buildings on the waterfront reflecting in the calm sea.

Here’s why there has never been a greater excuse to visit.

If you’re planning on getting away this year for business or leisure, Malta is proving to be an increasingly popular destination throughout the year. The weather in Malta is known to be relatively mild, offering an extended summer season that runs from April to November.

If you’re interested in finding out about things to do in Malta, we’ve got a whole range of activities going on all year round. From music and cultural festivals, to international DJs and a myriad of historical and artistic spots and sites.

Malta really is very handy that way. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve given it some thought, and here are our personal reasons why we believe you should visit Malta.

  1. It’s really easy to get around

In this case we must admit that size really does matter. Many consider Malta a holiday gem due to the fact that it’s incredibly easy to travel from one place to another. From its furthest destination, the Malta International Airport is 45 minutes away at most. Public transport is available and taxi fares are known to be reasonable – of course walking is always an option, especially if you happen to be located along the seacoast.

  1. The food is outstanding

There’s never a dull moment when eating in Malta. From greasy street food to high-end eateries and lavish restaurants Malta’s really got it all in terms of cuisine. We like to think of the local cuisine as being Mediterranean with a dash of magic, which is probably why it is undeniably our favourite. Heavy southern Mediterranean influences are found throughout all our grandmother’s recipe books but always with a twist that reflects context and time. Check out the Maltese Specials menu at the Vinotheque if you happen to be around our neck of the woods; the Maltese rabbit stew is really special.

  1. The people are super

Born and raised in Malta myself, Maltese people still baffle me till this very day. One moment it might appear that they’re about to get into some sort of argument and the minute later they’re laughing and tapping each other on the back. Nevertheless, the people of Malta are known for being honest and kind hearted. They will go through great lengths to help out and are generally considered genuine people – apart from when village feasts or football are involved!

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  1. It’s an incredible clubbing destination

From a host of international DJs, local and foreign festivals, beach parties, clubs, and Europe’s largest free concert, the Isle of MTV that hosts around 70,000 people each year, Malta and its people are always up for a good time. If you’re after smaller gigs showcasing the best local talent in the alternative scene, check out this link! And if all that sounds like a little bit too much, there are several quiet bars, lounges and chilled out beach areas for you to unwind the day after!

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