Uniting those who seek connection

Our goal is simple – cultivating a sense of belonging where connections naturally bloom. Verdi Hotels match your passions and interests through experiences; making sure every moment is special and memorable.

Stay with us and start weaving together connections that will last a lifetime. All that’s needed is your curiosity and zest for adventure.

Sparking Wonder
Each moment is filled with potential for extraordinary discoveries. This is what makes life so enchanting. We invite you to dive headfirst into a world filled with fresh perspectives. Let us show you the way to endless wonders that await.
Inviting Connection
With a welcoming spirit, we embrace our guests, local community, teams and partners. Our belief is that meaningful connections – be it with people or places – are the genuine source of prosperity. By nurturing a sense of community, we create an environment where connections flourish.
Acting with Intention
Every action we take is filled with thought and purpose. Our mission is to enhance the positive impact we have on society and the economy, while striving to lessen our footprint. Just like a trusted friend, Verdi Hotels makes decisions with both care and conscience.


Revitalising everything around us

We understand the importance of sustainability; whether it is local customs or the ecosystems.

Our impact on our people, community & environment around us needs to be positive.  With this considertaion, we plan, build and live our daily lives around this ethos, partnering with those with the same philosphy to have a net positive impact.  As a community we can have a much bigger impact than our own individual actions.    

Tourists exploring Malta

Spark Wonder

Every moment holds something worthy of discovery & marvel. This subtle splendour is the very spice of life. We encourage exploration & experimentation; inspiring our teams, guests & community to engage the present & see anew.

Invite Connection

Open in heart & mind, we embrace guests, locals, our team & collaborators. We believe connection – whether to people, place or self – is the wellspring of good. By nurturing belonging, we make space for connection.

Stained glass artists examining glass pieces in studio
Group of volunteers with working in community charity donation centre.

Act with Intention

We are thoughtful & deliberate in our actions, prioritising the well-being of people & place. We strive to maximise our positive social & economic impact while minimising our ecological footprint.