The heart of enriched experiences lies at Verdi

We warmly welcome you to explore the thrilling world of travel in fresh and exhilarating ways. It’s more than getting from one place to another; it is about connecting with the destinations you visit and making memories for life.

A woman sits on a bed with a notepad and pen, looking contemplative.

The Hub

Feeling peckish, or forgotten to pack your toothpaste?  The Hub is your 24/7 go to for those little things you need right now.  Conveniently located in the lobby, pick up whatever you need quickly and easily without the hassle of queuing.

The Living Room

The local scene is brought right to your property of choice. The Living Room is a space that connects hotel guests and the community in which it resides. Serving daytime experiences that enhance remote working, to enabling nighttime events that spark performances by local artists, The Living Room invites solo travelers and groups to connect and converse.

Tourists having a laugh together whilst enjoying a drink at the Verdi bar