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Bring Your Budapest Story to Life

Welcome to Verdi Budapest Aquincum; your location perched on the iconic River Danube on the historical side of Buda within Hungary’s vibrant capital. We are delighted to greet you into our community, where the spirit of Budapest and its locals comes alive. 

Your stay is intended to take you on a journey destined for the exploration of local culture that encourages you to live in the moment. An adventure that is uniquely Budapest and uniquely yours.

Invigorate Your Senses

Step into a world of tranquillity within the bustling heart of Budapest, at the Aronia Spa & Wellness. A well-deserved pampering is in sight, allowing the energy of the Hungarian capital to transform into bliss of relaxation after your adventure-filled day.

Submerse yourself into our swimming pool, surrender to the warmth of our Finnish baths, or treat yourself to a spa session. Explore which path you want to follow for a revitalising quest.

A couple in formal attire, with the woman in a wedding dress and the man in a suit, walk hand in hand on a steel bridge.
A man lifts a woman off the ground in an embrace on a walkway next to a wrought-iron fence, with a yellow tram in the background. They both appear happy and are dressed in light, casual clothing.

Chart Your Own Course

If you’re on a quest for personal enrichment, inspiration or connection, your journey starts here. We offer various pathways for exploration tailored to your needs.

Whether it is a coordinated business meeting, an intimate celebration or a peaceful retreat, Verdi Budapest Aquincum will spark moments of delight.

Experience Dining Like a Local

Your adventures in Budapest are bound to entice culinary curiosity. A variety of dining options are at your disposal; with a selection of local cuisine merged with modern flavours, an array of beverage choices ideal for a relaxing evening, and light meals to sustain your wander during the day.

Chef meticulously plating a dish with greens and garnish, using tweezers for precision. Several other plated dishes are partially visible in the foreground.

Discover Budapest

Adventures that await you in the Hungarian capital.