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A Touch of Serenity to Your Experience

Steal away a moment for yourself at the haven that is the Aronia Spa & Wellness centre; a sanctuary where your relaxation reigns supreme. The day spa offers an array of amenities designed to soothe and rejuvenate.

Therapists at the Aronia Spa & Wellness are experts in a variety of techniques, allowing you to choose from a comprehensive selection designed to cater for your specific needs.

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Please note that space is limited at our spa and we work on a first-come, first-served basis. For massages and treatment services, advance reservation is required.


Explore more treatments available at the Aronia Spa & Wellness.

Tailor-Made Swedish Massages

Swedish massages are known for their comforting effects. They offer gentle and effective ways to ease tension, improve circulation and promote overall wellness. Our skilled therapists use a mix of five soothing techniques; starting with effleurage, which feels like a soft glide over your skin. This is followed by petrissage; a kneading action that helps to relax tight muscles. Tapotement follows, which includes a rhythmic tapping that feels invigorating; followed by friction, where our therapists massage across and along muscle fibres to release deep-seated tension. Finally, the session ends with vibration or shaking movements that gently rock you into a state of complete relaxation.
A person's hand pours massage oil from a glass bottle onto another hand over a person's back during a massage session.

Thai Massage with Oil

This is an aromatherapy massage that is a treat for your senses and an invitation to unwind. Oils are used to add an overall sense of relaxation as they are massaged into your skin, allowing their calming and invigorating scents to fill the air. As you inhale their fragrance and feel their touch, the oils work on stimulating your circulation and fill you with a sense of peace. This treatment also helps detoxify your body, bolster your immune system and leave your skin feeling resilient and silky smooth.
A person receiving a hot stone massage with smooth black stones placed on their back.

Sacred Stone Massage

The warmth of smooth stones, heated to a perfect temperature will be gently placed on your body, to allow you to experience an age-old practice cherished by many cultures for its deeply soothing effect. The stones, carefully positioned on specific areas of your body, work wonders to melt away tension. As they warm your skin, blood flow is boosted, assisting your muscles to relax and move more freely. This treatment is a wonderful way to calm your mind, reduce stress and ease anxiety.
Two people receiving a massage in a dimly lit room; a woman in front smiles contentedly while a masseuse applies herb pouches to her back, and a man lies face down in the background receiving a massage.

Traditional Thai Massage

Welcome to a unique treatment that seeks to restore balance to your energy. Our therapists use their fingers, elbows, knees and feet to target specific points on your body. The special movements and gentle joint manipulations enhance this treatment’s effectiveness as your body stretches and joints carefully move to melt tension away as a sense of flexibility returns. The feeling of lightness within your body comes from lying comfortably on a soft mattress on the floor, dressed in a thin fabric massage dress. It is a journey of relaxation that allows you to reconnect with your body.