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Connection shaped by you

At Verdi Hotels, we extend an invitation to you, to embrace local living and soak in the surroundings of the vibrant communities we call home.

A new and fresh era of hospitality begins. We’re a comforting retreat for explorers like you, constantly seeking to enjoy meaningful and authentic local experiences.

Imagine honing in that sense of belonging wherever your journey takes you, being part of the world you’re exploring. Our hosts, guests and local communities come together to share stories and a deep-rooted passion for discovery. Whether you’re exploring nearby treasures or venturing afar, uncovering hidden gems or immersing in the city’s events, we bring the world to your doorstep.

We’re not just about visiting new places; it is about Verdi becoming an integral part of your world, through the experiences you’re about to embark on.

Going beyond travel

We are active members within our local communities, working and growing together to make sustainable changes that matter. Our presence is here for the long haul, committed to making a difference that lasts.

We are weaving sustainability into our endeavors, such as partnering with local suppliers and reducing waste and energy at our properties. Every step we take is driven by our promise to protect all that is around us.

The spotlight shines upon the local communities that call these places home. From featuring local artists’ work, to partnering with neighbourhood businesses and supporting causes close to their hearts, we are all about enriching our community and making a positive impact where we can.

Stained glass artists examining glass pieces in studio
a farmer's market, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, ai gener
Group of volunteers with working in community charity donation centre.
Taking a moment to soak in the view
Receiving a message from family, whilst exploring the city and historical villages

Create your own journey

A world brimming with routes for discovery awaits, encouraging you to embrace your real self wherever you venture.

Imagine the seamless blend of a carefully-arranged corporate gathering, a personal and intimate celebration, or a peaceful retreat. Your experiences can be tailored to spark moments of pure delight; always with a sprinkle of local charm.

Your experiences are designed to echo your lifestyle, weaving together your commitments, celebrations and leisure pursuits into an unforgettable experience. Our well-informed hosts are always at your service.

The gateway to group experiences

A new city, a new language and acuriosity to explore. 

From local activities and hidden-gem restaurant recommendations, through to simply giving you a great deal on the rooms you need, we take the hassle out of group travel.

Enjoying a drink with friends at one of Verdi Hotels bar

The travel corner.

Discover the passion that drives travel and enables the stories that make us who we are.