Meeting & Events

Bespoke travel opportunities

We’ve created a balance between personalised experiences, exciting brand collaborations and cutting-edge technology to bring you a new approach to meetings and events. Our mission is to facilitate a journey that is uniquely yours; filled with offerings tailored just for you.

Conference Concierge Suite

Bringing together the best of conference technology and smart AV, our approach will support your events, whether they are in-person, virtual or a mix of both. Verdi’s customisable events website and booking engine serves as your one-stop-shop for organising and attending events; making coordination simpler and more accessible for everyone involved. A digital itinerary planner will outline your daily schedule and local lineups, giving you a snapshot of what each day holds.

Curated Culinary Offerings

Immerse yourself in a culinary journey weaved by our local food artisans. Through each bite, you’ll taste the rich history and culture of the place. Elevate your event with diversity and quality that shines through cuisine.

Taking a Green Approach

Guests are be able to opt for carbon neutral stays in Verdi hotels joining our brand’s effort to make a positive impact on our planet. The sustainable commitments that Verdi undertakes are showcased throughout, including sustainable menu choices.

Locally Curated Programming

Partnerships with local brands open up a world of opportunities for you, whether you’re looking to engage in fun activities or find a quiet retreat, selecting to stay on property or venture off-site. Making the most of moments is a promise for everyone, whether you’re the event planner or an attendee.

A tourist taking a selfie in a scenic location