Diving in Malta: Voted among Top Sites in Europe

Two scuba divers underwater wearing diving masks and gear, surrounded by bubbles, in blue water.

The clear blue Mediterranean that surrounds the Maltese islands has been voted as one of the top ten dive sites in Europe. With an abundance of caves, wrecks and reefs and incredible water calmness and clarity, this sea makes for excellent visibility. In addition, the low-risk factor of encountering dangerous species makes Maltese waters for an ideal playground for divers of any skill level to discover the beauties of a Malta dive.

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Thinking about diving in Malta? Here are some of our favourite spots:

Santa Maria Caves

Found along the Northern coast of the little Comino, this dive provides interesting routes for all levels of diving expertise. This is one of the most popular Malta dives due to the fact that there are 10 caves known to divers and each one is renowned for its own particular beauty.

Marina Tip: Take some bread and offer it to the Banded Sea Bream that will swarm you and make for some incredible photos.

The Arch and the Blue Hole

Overlooked by the majestic Azure Window in Dwejra, Gozo, the Blue Hole dive starts inside an idyllic 10m wide inland sea pool that leads to a large crevice. Swim through into open sea and expect interesting coastline and the possibility of spotting several species such as parrot fish, moray eels, octopus and schools of bream during one of your Malta dives.

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Inland Sea and Tunnel

Right after finishing off the Blue Hole dive, the Inland Sea is a spectacular dive that generally follows suit. This dive starts in a 60m wide scenic inlet surrounded by high cliffs. Follow an 80m-long tunnel and witness the impressive lighting effects on the way out. It is said that Jacques Cousteau mentioned the Inland Sea was among his ten top dives.

The Rozi

Easily considered one of the most scenic dives in Malta, this beautiful tugboat is a 40m vessel that was purposely sunk in 1991 150m away from the coast of Cirkewwa. The Rozi is still intact and rests in an upright position around 34m deep. The engine and the propellers have also been intentionally removed to make more space inside. This little underwater gem offers divers in Malta the unique opportunity of discovering a labyrinth of doorways and rooms waiting to be explored. This area is also known for its fantastic clarity and very rich marine life.

Marina Tip: Film and share your own version of the ‘Discovery of Rozi’ and enter our GoPro Challenge to be in with the chance to win a five-night stay at the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort, Malta!

Exiles and Tug Boat 2

The Exiles area in Sliema has been a sought-after dive site for many years, but has gained popularity over the years due to the Tugboat No. 2 which has been recently been purposely sunk and nowadays provides an artificial reef amidst its barren sandy surroundings. Whereas marine vegetation is starting to get a foothold, Tugboat 2 looks pretty much the same as the day she was scuttled, and is impressive both for its size as well as for its pristine condition.

Marina Tip: This dive site is a ten minute drive along the seafront promenade that starts next to the Marina Hotel and is suitable for divers of any skill level. Look out for the cuttlefish that is known to reside close to the shoreline.

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