My Malta Colours

Visit Malta Valletta

Titian Red, Café Noir, Malta Yellow It’s always been very easy for me to associate things, places and people with particular shapes and colours – maybe it’s the way I’ve […]

Live Like a Local: Top 5 Things to do in Malta

A structure with gears and spokes emits bright fireworks and sparks against a dark background.

Of course, being a tourist is always exciting – discovering the unknown and getting gently accustomed to your new surroundings, nevertheless, you always run the risk of missing out on […]

Life is Better in Flip Flops – Here’s Why

Aerial view of a coastal area with a wide sandy beach curving along the shore, clear blue waters, scattered boats, and surrounding arid landscape with scattered buildings and roads.

When you live on an island blessed with almost year-round sunshine, you’ll soon discover that your flip flops are almost as important as your car keys. And when that island […]