Live Like a Local: Top 5 Things to do in Malta

A structure with gears and spokes emits bright fireworks and sparks against a dark background.

Of course, being a tourist is always exciting – discovering the unknown and getting gently accustomed to your new surroundings, nevertheless, you always run the risk of missing out on some of the best things if you solely rely on travel guides.

We’ve put together some of the best things to do in Malta, as recommended and enjoyed by locals.

1. Visit a secluded rocky bay

Sure sand and shallow waters are what most seek, but you’ve never truly experienced the Med if you haven’t sat on a rocky beach watching the waves lap up gently by the coastline. Rocky beaches tend to be less crowded, significantly quieter and overall more intimate.

© Image Credit: Mario Galea
© Image Credit: Mario Galea

2. Order ‘Hobz biz Zejt’ for lunch

One of the most popular snacks in Malta is in fact one of the poorest dishes in the local culinary tradition. Hobz biz-zejt, which quite literally translates to ‘bread with oil’ consists of spreading fresh tomatoes on crunchy Maltese bread and topping it with olives, salt, pepper, tuna and a drizzle of olive oil – add a sprig of mint and we can guarantee you’ll be back for more.

3. Walk along the St Julians and Sliema promenade

The promenade that pretty much starts right in front of the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort in Malta leads directly to the picturesque Spinola Bay. From there you can follow the rest of the seafront promenade that connects St Julians to the buzzing Sliema centre. It is advisable to enjoy this walk in the evening during the summer months as temperatures are noticeably cooler.

4. Join the Party

The Maltese love to celebrate, and our local calendar reflects this! Malta, especially during the summer months, is bursting with various things to do in Malta. Traditional Maltese village feasts take place throughout May and September and include events such as marching bands, fireworks, food stalls and impressive street decorations. Various other annual festivals take place throughout these months too with events such as MayFest, the Wine Festival and the Isle of MTV to mention a few.

5. Street Food Pastries

The Maltese have something about pastry – they absolutely love it, especially when it comes to snacks. No trip to Malta is ever complete without trying pastizzi, which could be possibly described as tiny pastry parcels filled with a ricotta (whey cheese) or pea filling. And imqaret which are basically tiny diamond-shaped pastry cases stuffed with dates and deep fried for good measure. It will probably cost you around 1€ to sample all three, which probably also explains why these little bundles of goodness never grow old.

6. Watch Sunrise

Ask any Maltese person if they’ve ever done this, and your answer is always going to be a bright YES! This activity is definitely one of the more popular things to do in Malta during the summer months. The sun rises in the east and can be seen sparkling over the Mediterranean waters right from the Marina Hotel. If sunrises are your thing, we suggest testing one of our GoPros for free and shooting some breathtaking timelapse footage!

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