Shutterbug Alert: How to rock at landscape photography

Malta Photography

5 amazing tips to transform photos from zero to hero

Despite its diminutive size, the Maltese archipelago is literally bursting with breath-taking photo opportunities. If you happen to be visiting Malta anytime soon and are planning on staying at the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort, you’ve got the added advantage of being able to borrow one of our GoPro cameras for free and avoid taking photos with your mobile phone.

If you’re more of an enthusiast and will be bringing your camera over, we organise a pretty nifty photographic expedition around the Island that you might be interested in joining.

Whichever the case, if being part of Malta’s photographic journey makes you smile, here are a couple of tips to help you add a touch of magic, to that already perfect shot.

1. Tick tock – keep an eye out on the clock

Most of the time, what makes a landscape photo absolutely stunning is its lighting. As a result, many photographers tend to prefer shooting early morning or late afternoon. These periods of times are often referred to as ‘the magic hours’ in the world of photography – however if the timing isn’t really your thing there’s no need to panic – there will be loads of other photo opportunities to make the most out of during your holiday in Malta.

2. Think of the whole rather than the detail

Any photographer will agree that the key to successful landscape photography lies in its composition. Always keep ‘the rule of two-thirds’ in mind – simply divide your frame into three parts on both the vertical and horizontal axis and place your areas of interest at the points of intersection. However there is no hard and fast rule, get comfortable with your camera and feel free to experiment – after all, it’s all about capturing what that moment meant to you.

3. Get out and about

Nothing beats a little groundwork to be ahead of the game. Now that the weather has mostly cleared up and we’re heading into warmer and sunnier months, beaches always provide stunning backdrops for photos. Here are five beaches in Malta that you won’t find in a guidebook.

4. Imperfection is beauty

What makes landscape photography particularly challenging is the vast dynamic range involved. In these cases, there is mostly no way of controlling the light balance in your field. This might lead to several technically imperfect shots but might result in a beautiful photo nevertheless.

5.  GoPro, SLR, phone – it doesn’t always matter

Better equipment doesn’t result in better photography, more than an expensive pen leads to a greater novel. Of course, to take photos you need a camera, but you need to treat this in the same way that a craftsman treats his tools – they are just vehicles to transmit your emotion on to someone else – it’s all about keeping a keen eye.

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