Romantic locations on the island of Malta

A couple sits on a waterfront promenade, facing a cityscape with historic buildings and an atmospheric church with a domed roof across the water in the afternoon light. They both wear hats, and one has an arm around the other.

The island vibe, secret coves, endless stretches of white-sand beaches and romantic Renaissance architecture on the Maltese archipelago set the stage for a romantic getaway. Now consider an insider’s viewpoint […]

How To Make The Most Of Carnival In Malta

Malta carnival 2020

For more than half a millennium, Malta has erupted in full colour at the start of spring to celebrate Karnival ta Malta. Marking the week before Ash Wednesday, and symbolising […]

Five Places To Visit In Gozo In Spring

Town in Gozo picture - Grigory Fedyukovich

The Maltese archipelago comes into its own at Easter, having celebrated the occasion since 60 CE when St Paul’s ship was wrecked upon these idyllic shores. It goes without saying, […]

An Insider’s Guide To Shopping In Malta

Market shopping iStock-1014737490 PeopleImages/iStock

From handmade treasures to gourmet souvenirs, shopping in Malta is one of this beautiful archipelago’s many pleasures. Maltese artisans create intricate filigree jewellery and handcrafted wine goblets, while the island’s […]

Where To Find The Loveliest Local Produce In Malta

From olive oil and wine to sea salt, goats’ cheese and spice, local produce in Malta is prized the world over. Here’s where to find the finest

With a diverse history that counts the Romans, Greeks, French, Spanish, Turks, and British as its erstwhile rulers, Malta’s culinary landscape was always destined for greatness. A cursory foray veers […]

The 6 Most Atmospheric Churches In Malta

St. Johns Co-Cathedral, Valetta, Malta

From the grandiose to the tiny, these are the loveliest places to duck out for a quiet—and very beautiful—moment in Malta. When St Paul’s boat was beached in Malta two […]

A Guide to Traditional Maltese Cuisine

Traditional Maltese pastry Pastizzi

Malta is at a crossroads in the Mediterranean. It’s an easy 50 miles or so off the coast of Sicily, not much further from the Maghreb, and flanked more distantly […]

The Five Most Magnificent Forts In Malta

Fort St. Angelo in Birgu, Malta in the Grand Harbour of Malta

Over the centuries, Malta has weathered its fair share of drama. It has been invaded, occupied, and fought over by land, sea and air. While finally left in peace to […]

The Perfect One-Day Itinerary In Malta

Malta cliffs_gb_photo_sailing-in-the-mediterranean-gm Polychronis Giannakakis

Malta cliffs © iStock/Polychronis Giannakakis The wealth of Instagram-worthy beaches are more than enough to fill a day in Malta. Throw in the island’s millennia of history, a peppering of […]