Where to Find the Best Seafood in Malta

Colorful boats float in a harbor with a backdrop of a town featuring cream-colored buildings under a partly cloudy sky.

Photo: ©  viewingmalta.com Surrounded by sparkling Mediterranean seas, Malta is famous for its superb seafood. A small archipelago, Malta has relied on its ample seafood supply for centuries and the country still […]

The Most Beautiful Vineyards in Malta

Vineyards in Malta | Vineyard 2 © Alexey Sokolov/iStock/Thinkstock

Photo: © Alexey Sokolov/iStock/Thinkstock They say good things come in small packages, and this is certainly true when it comes to one of the world’s tiniest wine producing countries. Despite its […]

8 Top Outdoor Restaurants in Malta

Outdoor dining area with empty tables and chairs set for a meal, overlooking a body of water with a small island and buildings in the background—classic ambiance characteristic of outdoor restaurants in Malta.

Photo: Da Marina In a country that enjoys over 300 days of sunshine (jealous yet?) it comes as no surprise that alfresco dining is the order of (most) days. After a […]

First Dinner Date: Dos and Don’ts

book hotel st julians malta

Super, you’ve managed to score a date – here’s how not to muck it up! Intimate dinners are the cornerstone of most modern romance, but what unsuspecting daters often don’t […]

5 Reasons to Visit Malta this Year

Panoramic view of a coastal city at dusk, featuring a historic watchtower in the foreground and illuminated buildings on the waterfront reflecting in the calm sea.

Here’s why there has never been a greater excuse to visit. If you’re planning on getting away this year for business or leisure, Malta is proving to be an increasingly […]

A Christmas Special: Mulled Wine

Two mugs of red beverage on a wooden table surrounded by holiday decorations, cookies, cinnamon sticks, orange slices, walnuts, a pinecone, and festive garlands.

Mulled Wine Spiced mulled wine is definitely a seasonal favourite – warm, soothing, and exceptionally festive! Delight your guests with a warm cup on a cold night… Ingredients: 1 bottle […]

An English Classic: Beef Wellington

Restaurant St Julians Malta

Beef Wellington This elegant dinner party delight derives its name from the Duke of Wellington. Interestingly, its name doesn’t have anything to do with Mr Wellington’s gourmet trends but rather […]

October in Malta is Amazing, and Here’s Why

A group of chefs and participants are engaging in a cooking class in a commercial kitchen, with one chef smiling and gesturing while others prepare ingredients.

October is one of my favourite months, primarily because the weather is still as glorious as it was months ago during the summer, but the temperatures are considerably cooler. Even though […]