5 Essential Activities To Include On A Comino Day Trip

Blue Lagoon © republica/iStock

It’s an easy 20-minute ferry trip from both Malta and Gozo and it looks like paradise. Flanked by unspoilt beaches, with stacks of history inland and harbouring a laid-back island culture, it’s definitely worth including a Comino day trip on a Malta itinerary. Here are the five highlights not to miss.


Enjoy A Crystalline Dip

The Blue Lagoon is very appropriately named. This gorgeous stretch attracts both locals and visitors with its crystalline waters, natural beauty and ideal, family-friendly swimming conditions. For those already marvelling at Comino’s diminutive scale, note that it’s not even the smallest member of the Maltese archipelago: just look across the lagoon to Cominotto, a tiny outcrop that can be reached by strong swimmers.


Stretch Out On The Best Beaches

Comino’s main swimming attraction might be the Blue Lagoon, but it’s tiny circumference gleams with a necklace of beautiful secluded beaches and shallow bays. Try Santa Marija Bay, for instance. This sweep of fine, porcelain sand is naturally protected from the Mediterranean swell and is therefore a very popular choice for families with young children. Wilder is San Niklaw Bay, whose rocky outposts offer plenty of privacy for those seeking it.


Take A Birdwatching Hike

Provided it isn’t midday in the middle of the summer – the heat on largely unshaded Comino can be intense – there’s no better way to see the island than during a long amble. See if you can spot the wild cumin plants from which Comino derives its name while gazing over the cliffs to the sea beyond. And, for those who’ve remembered their binoculars, note that the entirety of Comino also happens to be a bird sanctuary. The keen-eyed can spot species ranging from nightjars and wood warblers to cuckoos and owls.


Delve Into The History

A striking relic dating to the Knights Templar period of Maltese occupation, the Santa Marija Tower is the most prominent of very few manmade structures on Comino Island. Originally built in 1618 as a defence and communication tower by the Knights, the tower has since been used to house livestock and even served as a quarantine hospital. Today, the square, turreted structure is striking to witness up close, and is open to the public when the flag’s flying.


Scuba Dive Through Underwater Caves

Where Comino’s rugged limestone cliffs plunge into the sea are endless labyrinths of caves that teem with fish below water and birds above it. For subaquatic adventurers, this makes a Comino day trip a highly rewarding activity. Those keen to get a closer look can commandeer the assistance of one of the island’s many scuba diving schools for a guided excursion. The most rewarding dives can be had at Crystal Lagoon, and Lantern Point guarantees great sightings.

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