Romantic locations on the island of Malta

A couple sits on a waterfront promenade, facing a cityscape with historic buildings and an atmospheric church with a domed roof across the water in the afternoon light. They both wear hats, and one has an arm around the other.

The island vibe, secret coves, endless stretches of white-sand beaches and romantic Renaissance architecture on the Maltese archipelago set the stage for a romantic getaway. Now consider an insider’s viewpoint of special, romance-friendly locations in the “land of honey”.


Stroll around the Sa Maison Garden at sunset

Close to the city of Valetta, but somehow managing to escape the crowds, the Sa Maison Garden in Floriana is a little-known holiday treat for couples. Couples will love holding hands and exploring the cultivated gardens around the Floriana Bastions (the entrance is down the hill). From here, you can soak up truly beautiful views of Marsamxett Harbour, the Marina at Msida and Fort Manoel. It’s rumoured that ancient carved graffiti are hidden in the area.


Take a luzzu trip to Wied iz-Zurrieq and the Blue Grotto

Malta’s colourful fishing boats are called “luzzu” and you can take a trip on one of these sturdy vessels to the Blue Grotto. On clear weather days there is nothing more romantic than a serene boat ride to explore the sea caverns, dine at one of the sun-soaked restaurants and walk along the beach. The mysterious sea caves can be reached from the fisherman’s harbour at Wied is-Zurrieq and navigating the water around the caverns by guided boat tour. Amazingly, the caves glow with purple, green and orange hues. This exotic spectacle is created by the different mineral compositions of the rocky sides of the caves. The water is cobalt blue and it’s hard not to succumb to the romance of the area. The caves were named by British soldiers who thought it looked like the Blue Grotto on the Italian island of Capri.


Pop the question at the Gardjola

The historic gardens at the Gardjola (guard tower) in Senglea are the ideal locale for a unique marriage proposal. The gardens have a breathtaking view of the grand harbour and are often (surprisingly) free of crowds. This lovely location is a beautiful place to remind your love of your promise of lifelong care and protection in the same way that the fortified city protected Malta. Try to decipher all the symbols of protection on the walls and steal a kiss at the tower, but be warned, couples do sometimes come back to the gardens for their nuptials! How about a five-pointed star wedding cake to echo the star-shaped fountain in the centre of the garden?


Dingli Cliffs and Wedding Chapel

If you’re looking for the ultimate location to pop the question, the breathtaking and romantic Dingli Cliffs would be hard to beat. This series of cliffs surrounded by lush green hills isn’t always congested and it’s a wonderful viewpoint – with the special addition of a quaint wedding chapel. Overlooking the blue waters of Malta, the cliffs end at the tiny St Mary Magdalene chapel. If you pluck up the courage to ask him or her to be yours, time it well and you can say “I do” against the backdrop of a gorgeous Maltese summer sunset.


Laze on Riviera Beach

Perfect for quiet times, Riviera Beach guarantees a dreamy sunset with a bottle of wine on any day of the year, but on Valentine’s Day, it’s an extra-special place. Take along some treats in a basket and relax on the soft golden sands, sounds of the sea wash and view of the green slopes that surround you. Later, stroll through the wildflowers to the historic watchtower and take some special photos to keep forever.


Sneak away to Fomm ir-Rih Bay near Bahrija

Although it is a steep and winding walk to this pebble beach, the magnificent cliffs that surround the area and the valley and its views make it well worth it. This is one of the most secluded beaches in the area and when the weather is good it is popular with local snorkelers and divers. This rocky beach is so secret from tourist hordes that you may even have the area all to yourself. Crystal water at this very secluded beach on the island is blue and beautiful and you cannot get a more romantic location than this.

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