This is who we are

Verdi Hotels is an upscale hotel brand managed by CHL, the operating arm of International Hotel Investments p.l.c (IHI). 


We offer management services through our parent company CHL, operators of Luxury and Upscale hotels in Europe, the Middle East and the United States. For further information on this, please reach out: [email address]
Checking in to their Verdi hotel room, and receiving their key card
Arriving at one of Verdi's Hotels, for a meeting


Similarly, we also enter into franchise relationships with selected hotels owners and operators. For further information on this, please reach out here: [email address]

Preferred Parameters

Verdi Hotels becomes the perfect choice for transforming existing hotels into something even more special. We can adapt to include multiple food and beverage options as well as spaces for meetings and events, though these are optional offerings. 

Location City or key leisure locations
Category Upscale
Rooms 100+
Room Size 24+ sqm
Restaurant Required (sqm relative to rooms)
Meetings & Events Optional

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