A Dream Come True

Three people standing next to a red Ferrari parked outside an airport terminal with multiple cars in the background.

We can all agree that holidays are possibly the best time of the year, but what happens when ordinary plans are transformed into lifelong memories?

This was the case with Christophe and Florence Gonzales this morning who were the lucky recipients of a less-than-ordinary welcome and airport transfer this morning. Unsuspecting guests were ushered into the La Vallette Club Lounge and informed that they would make their way in style in a stunning Ferrari driven by Joseph Cortis.

This event was organised as a pre-launch activity to the exciting Ferrari Sunday charity event happening on Sunday 31st May at the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort, St. Julians. Guests are welcome to admire a static display of over 20 Ferraris as well as register for a once-in-a-lifetime passenger ride in one of these amazing dream cars.

Ferrari Sunday is being organised in collaboration with the Ferrari Club Malta and the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort, St Julians in aid of Inspire as part of this year’s MayFest 2015 celebrations.


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