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Handy tips to keep in mind when planning a hen do or bachelor party

How do you organise a killer hen or bachelor party? We’ve spoken to a couple of people in the biz [DB1] who reveal their top planning tips – here’s the down low.

Who’s invited?

Your guests and the way they interact are essentially going to make or break your party. Team up with the bridal party to discuss the guest list and consult the bride or groom if needs be – you might not necessarily be expected to invite Aunty Rose or Simon from accounts, but it’s always wise to double check first.

Save the date

Choose a day and mark it down in your calendar – and pretty much anyone else is expected to be there. Plan well ahead and choose a day or weekend that is at least a fortnight away from the big day; nobody likes a bruised groom or a hungover bride.

Set a budget

Once the planning begins, there’s no way of knowing how wild expenses might get, so makes sense to set budgets beforehand. If you planned on travelling overseas, the Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort’s got a fantastic offer on flights and accommodation right now  you might want to look into.

Ask questions

Every bride or groom to be is different, and for this reason has very different tastes. Some girls prefer hitting a bar with girlfriends and dancing away through the night, others prefer sailing out on a yacht and sipping on champagne. Same goes for the groom. Take the time to ask the right questions – surprises should only be of the fabulous kind during this event.

Think outside the box

Sure, traditional hens and bachelor parties are great but don’t be afraid to colour outside the lines every once in a while. Find out if the bride is more interested in a ladies night, or perhaps a co-ed party with her partner – could be an option, especially if you’re going away for the weekend.

Make it personal

It’s not just any night out – it’s probably going to be the last night you spend with a close friend before they tie the knot; it’s a special once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves all the attention it can get. Consider incorporating photos from the bride or groom’s younger past, or pass around a guest book and ask everyone to include a personal memento.

Have fun with it

Avoid getting too caught up in the finer details and stressing yourself out prior to the event. If you feel this is too much pressure then hire an events organiser. Your best friend is about to get married and this occasion is just too important to spoil, you need to enjoy it just as much too!

Henry J. Bean’s Malta, One of our favourite locations for Bachelors & Hens Parties

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