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Restaurant St Julians Malta

Chicken and Quinoa Salad

Marina Hotel Executive Chef Nicky Vella helps you get your daily protein fix with this deviously delicious chicken and quinoa salad recipe.

Servings: 4 portions

  • 600g Grilled chicken
  • 250g Sweet potato
  • 120g Quinoa
  • 150g Cucumber
  • 180g Chicory
  • 70g Rucola, trimmed
  • 160g Tomatoes
  • 80g Leeks
  • 30g Mint
  • 40g Celery
  • 40ml Olive oil
  • Seasoning according to taste
  1. Grill the chicken breast and place aside to serve warm.
  2. Boil the quinoa until cooked for approximately 20 minutes. Peel and cut the sweet potato in 1 cm cubes and boil for eight minutes, leave ‘al dente’. Slice cucumber and place on the plate. Trim the chicory and set.
  3. Mix quinoa, sweet potato, leeks, celery with olive oil and mint. Season according to taste. Dice the tomatoes and mix in gently.
  4. Place salad on the chicory, top with the carved chicken breast, and finish with fresh rucola.
Quinoa Salad

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