Travel to Malta and Live like a Local

Connections are built with every step you take.

Two tourists enjoying their time in Malta

The charm of this Mediterranean island promises a memorable experience. Immerse yourself in its rich culture and discover the secrets of this gem like a true Maltese.

Savour Local for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Freshly baked bread, home-grown olives, sun-ripened tomatoes, crunchy pastizzi… the options are limitless if you want to savour Malta through its iconic food delights. On a sunny Sunday, head to the fishermen’s village of Marsaxlokk, where you can stock up on local produce and get some for back home too.

Toast with Local Beverages

When you order a beer, you’ll probably quench your thirst with Malta’s own Cisk – a local favourite that is perfect for any occasion. If wine is on your radar, this Mediterranean island boasts an array of local vintages that are quite unique. For something non-alcoholic, try ruġġata tal-lewż – a homemade almond cordial or Kinnie – the island’s own soft drink made with oranges and aromatic herbs.

Discover Sacred Spaces

Malta’s landscape is dotted with numerous churches and cathedrals. Take time to explore lesser known gems such as Ta’ Wied Għammieq Chapel in Kalkara, which is the resting place of hundreds that died during the cholera epidemic of 1837; or St Mary’s Chapel in Gudja, where tombs were used as safe spaces for riches during the Turkish invasion of the 16th century.

Envelope Yourself in Festa Fever

There is nothing quite like the Maltese festa spirit, especially on the feast day where locals chant and be merry. Towns are draped with the best tapestries and residence balconies serve as prominent locations to throw small decorative papers on the passersby and local statue.

Embrace Life at the Seaside

With its pleasant climate and long summers, life in Malta is all about the beach. Locals love spending weekends by the coast or on the water. Charter a yacht to explore coves, remote islands and offbeat historic sites.

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