Your Passport to Budapest: Highlights to the City

Discover the fascination of Hungary away from your average guidebook.

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With its dual charm of Buda and Pest, the Hungarian capital is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. While tourists are drawn to ts medieval marvels and the famous Bull’s Blood wine, locals enjoy the city from a different perspective. They look beyond the usual attractions and delve deeper into the soul of the city.

Take a journey through Budapest’s neighbourhoods, local food haunts and offbeat experiences.

Discover the Ruin Bars

While some ruin bars have made it to the conventional guide books, there are others that define Budapest’s nightlife. Head over to Ellátó Kert, known for its live music, laid back Mexican menu and a lively courtyard. Visit Rózsadomb Presszó in the upscale Rózsadomb district, where vintage soda bottles and an antique record player add a quirky touch.

Speak the Language

Although English is widely spoken in the city, knowing a few phrases in Hungarian can enhance your experience. Don’t be daunted by its complexity. Start with simple words like “Szia” (si-uh) for “hello” and “köszönöm” (ku-su-num) for “thank you”. Speaking like a local, even just mildly, will help you connect more with your surroundings.

Dine like a Local

Goulash, fisherman’s soup and cheesy lángos are classic Hungarian dishes, but Budapest has so much diversity in its culinary landscape. Try out Menza, a vibrant café offering inventive takes on traditional dishes, or Rosenstein for a more traditional vibe.

Explore Újlipótváros

This artistict neighbourhood in Budapest’s 13th district is worth the extra mile. Pozsonyi Avenue is a haven for cafés and restaurants, and carries a rich history of hosting writers and actors. Savour a gelato at Cioccolatte or enjoy a coffee at Ébresztö, soaking in the unique local vibe.

Experience the Baths

Budapest is known as “The City of Spas” since 1934, where it boasts a rich tradition of thermal baths. While Széchenyi Baths is a popular choice, consider visiting smaller and lesser-known bathhouses like Király, or find serenity at the wellness centre at the Verdi Budapest Aquincum, within the Aronia Spa, that taps into Margaret Island’s thermal waters.

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